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New Beginnings :: The Heart Behind Neat Organization & Design

Posted on: May 19th, 2013 by tara No Comments



I love seeing new growth on my plants.
I become giddy, excited, intrigued.
I watch with anticipation.

When a strawberry turns red, a cucumber grows an inch in one day, or something appears that wasn’t there before…it’s magic.

As humans, we find something thrilling in watching new life emerge. It’s why we love watching makeovers on TV…we love seeing old become new, restoration, growth…lives changed.

And this is precisely why I started Neat Organization and Design. It’s not just about moving things around or making a home look better, it’s about giving people


Seeing burdens removed, helping them recover more time in their day, find more peace, a new beginning. Clients have more time for family, more time to be productive, more confidence inviting others into their home, the ability to sit and take a deep breath. When the space around you is in order, life feels more manageable.

Home is where the heart is. When your home feels put right, your heart finds rest.

So, organizing homes is not just about a practical need, it’s also about serving the whole person. This is what drives us at Neat Organization and Design, to walk through life’s messes with our clients, so that they might find peace and rest and a place they love to call home. So they are able to take a deep breath and begin anew!