Organization Overload? :: The Curse of Pinterest for the Struggling Organizer

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Recently a friend shared a video containing tips on organizing your entire home.
I’m a professional organizer and I was overwhelmed!!



(click on the photo to watch the video)

In the era of Pinterest, we have so many great ideas at our fingertips…
…but is it too much?

You pin the idea. You love it! But does the thought of implementing those ideas majorly overwhelm you??
Hundreds of labels and bins…does it really look any better?? Is it more practical??

Is it possible to be TOO organized?

The answer is YES!

Organizing your home should NOT:

  • cost more than your child’s college tuition
  • be complicated and difficult to maintain
  • make your space look equally busy and cluttered

If each item has its own lidded container, is it easier and faster to put things away? NO!
In all likelihood, those items will end up back on your floor or your counter!
And those containers take up so much space!

Organizing your home SHOULD:

  • create practical, easy-to-maintain systems in your home
  • enable you to clean up quickly
  • give you more free time!
  • simplify your space and make it more beautiful!

Don’t let organizing overwhelm you.
Don’t hesitate to call Neat Organization and Design! That’s what we are here for!
Our goal is to save you time and money and to make your home a place of rest and peace!

Don’t let Pinterest make you feel like an organizing failure. There is a better way!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will share a few of our favorite
and most versatile organizing accessories!

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